Acute appendicitis.

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Acute appendicitis. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Shows surgery to treat acute appendicitis including the use of the McBurney incision. Advice is given on the treatment of advanced cases and their complications. 4 segments.


United States, 1927.

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1 encoded moving image (29.40 min.) : silent, black and white



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British Medical Association

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Segment 1 The intertitles describe the physical characteristics of the appendix. Illustrations show where the appendix is on the body. Illustrations show the anatomy of the area in detail. The various positions of the appendix are shown in illustrations. A photomicrograph of a normal and an inflamed appendix are shown. The intertitles describe the symptoms of an inflamed appendix, including gangrene, perforation and pus. Time start: 00:00:00:00 Time end: 00:07:12:23 Length: 00:07:12:23
Segment 2 Illustrations show what happens in the body when an appendix becomes inflamed. Abscesses are shown in illustrations. Illustrations of diffuse peritionitis are shown. The intertitles describe the typical syndromes of appendicitis: pain, tenderness over the appendix and nausea. A doctor is seen examining a patient. The intertitles say that examination of the abdomen is important. The physical symptoms of appendicitis are listed. The intertitles say that diagnosis of appendicitis calls for immediate operation. Time start: 00:07:12:23 Time end: 00:14:19:01 Length: 00:07:06:03
Segment 3 Part 2 of the film begins. An operation for appendicitis is shown. A McBurney incision is made. The external oblique is divided. The internal oblique and transversalis are split. The peritoneum is opened. The tip of the appendix is freed. The appendix is ligated and amputated. The stump is cauterised and inverted. Time start: 00:14:19:01 Time end: 00:21:44:02 Length: 00:07:25:01
Segment 4 The appendectomy continues. The wound is closed. The intertitles describe the aftercare needed, and that peritonitis may result in illness even after the operation. The intertitles say that adequate drainage is required, and that the patient's fluids should be at a maximum. Time start: 00:21:44:02 Time end: 00:29:40:12 Length: 00:07:56:10

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Produced by Dr. Edward Martin, Philadelphia, USA.

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