The incarnations of Vishnu. Gouache drawing.

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The incarnations of Vishnu. Gouache drawing. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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The images illustrated on this sheet relate to the incarnations of Vishnu and religious stories. Vishnu has ten recognised avatars, but the Bhagavata Purana which glorifies Vishnu has twenty-two. The ten common ones are: Matsya, the fish, Kūrma, the tortoise, Varāha, the boar, Narasinha, the man-lion, Vāmana, the dwarf, Parasurāma, Rāma with an axe, Rāmachandra, the gentle Rāma, Krishna, the dark coloured, Budha, Kalkī, the white horse. Amongst other images illustrated are Gajendramokṣaṇastotra, an elephant who was caught by a crocodile and prayed to Vishnu for help, the Jagannātha, the Trimūrti, the Hindu triad

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1 drawing : gouache, with oxidised silver


Wellcome Collection 27724i



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