Arts therapies and clients with eating disorders : fragile board / edited by Ditty Dokter.

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London ; Bristol, Pennsylvania : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1994.

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309 pages : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm


Copy 1. Donor: Arts for Health.


Fragile board -- arts therapies and clients with eating disorders / Ditty Dokter -- Anger is red / Elise Warriner -- Picture as transactional object in the treatment of anorexia / Joy Schaverien -- Bringing "the man" into the room: art therapy groupwork with women with compulsive eating problems / Mary-Jayne Rust -- Mental double trap of the anorexic patient: the use of art therapy to facilitate psychic change / Paola Luzzattto -- Power of food: some explorations and transcultural experiences in relation to eating disorders / Diane Waller -- Dramatherpy case history: an anorectic response to an incomplete "rite-of-passage" / Sue Jennings.
Dramatherapy in short-term groupwork with women with bulimia / Maggie Young -- Use of dramatherapy in the treatment of eating disorders: a developing Dutch method / Astrid Jacobse -- Experimental training for staff working with eating disorders / Linda Winn -- Art therapy and psychodrama with eating disordered patients: the use of concrete metaphors for the body / Mary Levens -- Use of psychodrama in the field of bulimia / Sandra Jay -- New way of working with body image in therapy, incorporating dance/movement therapy methodology / Sally L. Totenbier -- Eating distress, women and integrative movement psychotherapy / Helen Payne.
Towards autonomy and a sense of self: music therapy and the individuation process in relation to children and adolescents with early onset anorexia nervosa / Jacqueline Robarts -- Individual music therapy with anorexic and bulimic patients / Ann Sloboda / Sexual abuse and eating disorders: a possible connection indicated through music therapy? / P.J. Rogers / Development of symbolic function in a young woman with Down's Syndrome / Margaret Heal.

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