Two illustrations: the bodies of two children lying together in the Armenian cemetery awaiting burial, reproduction after Meisenbach and the bodies of two women killed by Turkish soldiers over whom a woman grieves. Wood-engraving after a photograph, ca. 1915.

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The Armenian people underwent one of the worst trials in their history between 1894 and 1915. Their attempted extermination was put into action under Ottoman Sultan Abd al-Hamid II and was sporadically resumed, notably in 1915, when the Armenians were accused of aiding the Russian invaders during World War I. Over 600,000 Armenians were killed by Turkish soldiers or died of starvation during their forced deportation to Syria and Mesopotamia (



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1 print : process print ; sheet 10 x 23.6 cm


Some of the innocent victims of the massacre. Meissenbach. Two women killed by Turkish soldiers Lettering beneath the left image: Lying together in the Armenian cemetery ... the corpse of their mother to be seen close by; lettering beneath the right image: Lying apart from the long rows of bodies ... she was so overcome with grief that she did not know what she was saying


Wellcome Collection 586420i


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