BMA world tour : Alternative itinerary. Part 5.

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BMA world tour : Alternative itinerary. Part 5. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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British Medical Association Round the World Tour and Annual Meeting at Melbourne. 1935


This amateur film, which has been edited semi-professionally with additional intertitles and maps to orientate the viewer, consists of footage shot on the BMA's World Tour. This reel has mostly unique material and begins with views of Singapore harbour. A traffic policeman is seen in operation - the traffic is very light. A garden party is given by the Singaporean branch of the BMA; it's clearly a mixed gathering of Europeans, Asians and Eurasians. There is a snake charmer. Next, onto Kuala Lumpur to visit a leper colony, the tin mines and to see rubber tapping. There is extraordinary footage of a man's heart beating in his open chest cavity. Dr Watson Smith stands by a rubber tree. There are brief exterior shots of the Selangor Club, the BMA headquarters. The next stop is Penang before the homeward journey via S.S. Rajputana to London. At the dockside, boats are loaded. Arriving at Colombo, the group is welcomed by the Ceylon branch of the BMA. Then onwards to Bombay - another sequence of a snake charmer. Venom is extracted (duplicate material). There is a reception by the Bombay branch of the BMA together with mute footage of the meeting.


UK, c.1935.

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1 encoded moving image (16:41 min.) : silent, black and white.



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Copyright previously held by British Medical Association and assigned to Wellcome in 2005


This is a digitised copy of a film series retained by the BMA. The BMA funded the transfer and duplication of this material which has been loaned to the Wellcome Library.
This series of films (there are 6 in the collection) relate to the British Medical Association's Round the World Tour and Annual Meeting in Melbourne, 1935. This series is an alternative itinerary to that held in the Wellcome Library. The films appear to have been available to purchase as a customisable souvenir of the journey on a reel-by-reel basis. The key difference of route was that the outgoing journey left from Liverpool, England, and then travelled across Canada via Quebec, Toronto and Niagara.

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