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Miscellany: Radiation

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Low Temperature Research Station electronic sterilization position on 1 November 1953. Position paper on the sterilization of foods by radiation.

Research in the United states of America on the use of high velocity electrons and γ rays for the treatment of food and other materials, R. S. Hannan, 31 August 1952. Report on visits to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, High Voltage Engineering Corporation, Electronized Chemicals Corporation, General Electric Research Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Columbia University to research work on the use of high velocity electrons and gamma rays in the treatment of food.

Linear accelerators for medical x-ray therapy in the energy range 2-6 meV, by R. B. R. -S. -Harvie (Robert Bruce Robertson-Shersby-Harvie, 1915-1993), 12 May 1949.

Notes taken by Dr Mann and Dr McFarlane on work at the radiation laboratory at Berkeley; Measurements of absorption coefficients for gamma rays in various in various materials, by A. L. Hughes and C. L. Cowan; A method for measuring short period activaties, by A. D. Schelberg, M. B. Sampson and A. C. G. Mitchell; a new 20 second activity induced in boron by high energy protons, by R. Sherr, H. R. Muether and M. G. White; Deadtime theory, by S. S. Friedland and A. D. Krumbein; visits to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Bureau of Standards, Sloan-Kettering Institute, and the Radiological Research Laboratory at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, 1948.

The production of radioactive isotopes and their application to scientific research, W. G. Marley. Paper presented at the August 1947 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Draft recommendations of permissable dosage-rate during irradiation by x and gamma rays from external sources, W. V. Mayneord, 25 February 1948. Two different drafts.

Memorandum by Dr D. E. Lea on tolerance doses in relation to genetic effects of radiation. Medical Research Council Research Committee on the Medical and Biological Application of Nuclear Physics Tolerance Doses Panel of the Protection Sub-Committee, 28 April 1947.

Copy of a letter from Dr Lewis H. Weed, Chairman of the Division of Medical Sciences of the National Research Council, to Sir Edward [Mellanby], enclosing report about the emerging problem of physicists developing cateracts due to exposure to neutron irradiation, 16 February 1949.

Excerpts from a manuscript entitled "Report of radiation cataract survey", c.1949.

Properties of high energy beta and gamma radiations of therapeutic interest, by J. S. Mitchell; some aspects of the betatron, by J. S. Mitchell; and linear acceleratos, by L. H. Gray, c.1946.

Note on therapeutic applications of radioactive isotopes, by J. S. Mitchell, 10 September 1947.

Evaluation of procedures used in examination of individuals exposed to radioactive materials, especially radium, by Robley D. Evans. paper read at Medicine and Biology conference, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 13 November 1947.

The value of blood counts as a radiation protection measure, by R. H. Mole, 1945.

Genetic effects of irradiation with reference to man, by D. C. Catcheside, 6 February 1947.

Annual report for the British Empire Cancer Campaign by J. S. Mitchell, covering cellular metabolic disturbance produced by radiation, and combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapeutic agents, 27 January 1948.

List of publications by J. S. Mitchell, and other members of the Department of Radiotherapeutics, University of Cambridge, c.1948.

Introductory manual on the control of health hazards from radioactive materials. Issue 1, June 1948.

Minutes of the Tolerance Doses Panel of the Protection Sub-Committee of the Medical Research Council Research Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics, 29 November 1946.

Medical Research Council Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics: Clinical Sub-Committee, revised draft statement on radioactive isotopes for therapeutic investigations, 21 January 1948.

Physicians in an atomic war, by Leon O. Jacobson, R. S. Stone, and J. Garrott Allen, 17 March 1949.

The betatron and its therapeutic applications, by W. V. Mayneord, 10 April 1946.

Memo on work done by the Medical Research Council experimental synchrotron team at Malvern, c.1948.

Medical Research Council Committee on Clinical Applications of Nuclear Physics, the value of supervoltage therapy in the one to ten meV range, February 1956. paper which discusses the use of supervoltage therapy in various contexts.

Medical Research Council Research Committee on the Medical and Biological Application of Nuclear Physics Tolerance Doses Panel of the Protection Sub-Committee, abstract of meeting, 20 June 1947. Meeting convened to consider basic tolerances for x-radiation, gamma radiation, and neutron radiation, and to consider radiation damage of three types: general impairment of health, possible carcinogenic action, and genetic action.



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