Perspectives in neuropharmacology : a tribute to Julius Axelrod / edited by Solomon H. Snyder.

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London : Oxford University Press, 1972.

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xi, 404 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Julius Axelrod: a triumph for creative research, by S. S. Kety.--Isolation of cholinergic receptor proteins, by L. T. Potter and P. B. Molinoff.--Histamine in the brain: a neurotransmitter? By S. H. Snyder and K. M. Taylor.--The uptake, storage, release, and metabolism of GABA in inhibitory nerves, by L. L. Iversen.--Interaction of estrogens, progestational agents, and androgens with brain and pituitary and their role in the control of ovulation, by A. J. Eisenfeld.--L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine, and the control of brain monoamine biosynthesis, by R. J. Wurtman and J. D. Fernstrom.--The sympathetic neuro-humoral system and white adipose tissue, by S. Rosell.--Hypertension and the sympathetic nervous system, by J. de Champlain.--Influence of neuronal and extraneuronal uptake on disposition, metabolism and potency of catecholamines, by G. Hertting and J. Suko.--Chemical sympathectomy, by H. Thoenen.--False aminergic transmitters, by I. J. Kopin.--Some new facts about synthesis, storage, and release processes of monoamines in the central nervous system, by J. Glowinski.

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