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Drug advertising ephemera : France. Box 1.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid-free sleeves. There is a selection of 1950s French advertising blotters followed by colour magazine inserts advertising drugs to a professional medical audience which were inserted in the monthly magazine, 'Aesculape' between 1931 and 1965. The inserts are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer and then by product name. The blotters include: geloc, Lactéol, Lusparme, Quinocarbine, Collubarb, Vaccin Antipyogène, Codéthyline-Eucalyptol Houdé, Bécantex, Elixir de Vitamine B12, Trisulfazine-Tétracycline, Antibiotiques Chibret, Crinex, Spasmodex, Uvéstérol ADEC, Glycocarpine, delta Cortisone, Méthionine B12, Pénicilline B12, Rauwolfia serpentina, Réserpine, Solucamphre, Novosparol, Antiphlogistie, Hépatex, Inongan (rheumatism, arthritis), Biolactyl, Bronchorectal, Névrosthénine Glycocolle Freysssinge, Salazopyrin, Merfène (influenza), Métorène, Sédatonyl (anxiety, depression), Vitamidon, Schoum, Asthébiose (anaemia), Rhinalgol, Pronacol, Pyridium, Iminasthme (asthma), Atussil (cough), Mycostatine-Chloramphénicol, Tétracycline, Nystatine, Spasmoforme (cough), Gastralka (antacid). The inserts include material from Laboratoires Adrian, Laboratoires Sandoz, Laboratoires Bouillet, Laboratoires Buriat, Laboratoires Leurquin, Laboratoires Beaufour, Laboratoires Biocodex, Laboratoires Camuset, Laboratoires CIBA (Le Resyl, 1934?), Laboratoires Clin-Comar, Laboratoires de l'Ozothine, Laboratoires Diamant, Glutadouze (anaemia, Laboratoires du Docteur E. Bouchara), Laboratoires du Docteur E. Bouchara, Laboratoires Dumesnil, Laboratoires Lobica, Laboratoires Fournier Frères, Laboratoires Français de Thérapeutique, Laboratoires Fraysse & Cie., Laboratoires G. Beytout, Laboratoires Houdé, Laboratoires Theralgon, Laboratoires du Mictasol, Laboratoires Iscovesco, Laboratoires Lescène, Laboratoires Marinier, Laboratoires P. Michels, Laboratoires Longuet, Laboratoires Robapharm, Laboratoires Roland-Marie, Néothérap, Société d'Exploitation de Produits Pharmaceutiques Spécialisés, Nican, Laboratoires Joseph Laroze, Maison Rodolphe Coles, Pharmacie Rationelle, Société des Antibiotiques de France, Ucepha S.A. and Laboratoires Pfizer-Clin. They advertise: Melleril (anxiety), Bismuth, Silismuth, Tulasne, Arséniode (convalescence), Vériane (sleep disorders), Pentavit B Composé (vitamin B deficiency), Calcium Corbire, Ascorbate, Ultra-Levure (leucorrhoea), Hydrolysat de Levure Buriat (stomach disorders), Synerlac (diarrhoea), Pyréthane (migraine), Silicyl (arteriosclerosis), Tétracyne, Chophytol, Ozothine (influenza, respiratory diseases), Dihydrostreptomycine, Albema (anaemia), Hépavita K (vitamin K tablets), Rucronyl (rheumatic diseases), Gravural (gall stones, arthritis), Mictasol (urinary disorders), Taxol (constipation), Norbiline (digestive disorders), Lactiflore (antibiotic), Codéthyline (cough), Procalgyl Procaine (pain relief), Fébralgine (hay fever), Androtardyl (andropause), Revitalose (vitamin C supplement), Aérophagyl (insomnia, aerophagy), Kaolinase (stomach ulcers), Cardyl, Acétylarsan, Novarsenobenzol Billon (syphilis), Avantol (asthenia), Biocidan (hydrocortisone), Angor (asthma, stone), Nokhel, Hydroquinidine Houdé (cardiac arrhythmias), Neutraphylline (asthma, sedative), Kombé-Strophantine Houdé (cardiac insufficiency), Lactéol dur Dr. Boucard (enteritis), Gyno-Gouttes (menopause, menstruation disorders), Balsamol (coughs), Vulcrinol (anaemia), Chloro-Calcion (calcium supplement in tuberculosis, pregnancy, enteritis), Ossopan (mineral supplement for fractures, osteopathy, dental problems), Genoline, Transfusine (anaemia), Transfusine (anaemia), Bechopectyl, Sirop Nican (antitussive agents), Clarmyl (anxiety), Néomycine-hydrocortisone (antibiotic), Vesperax (sleep disorders), Terramycine and advertising leaves and blotters for a variety of drugs originally inserted into a pad of headed notepaper in the early 1960s (in this case for Docteur Ivan Masselot, pneumo-phtisiologue of Cannes) and issued by Les Ordannances Médicales de France. Brand names include: Ascorbate de Lysine Beaufour, Actisparte, Actapulgite, Alphamide, Algo-névriton, Arginine Veyron-Froment, Alphamucase, Bactisubtil Sec, Asthébiose, Bourget-Inositol Allard, Campho-Pneumine, Bromésérine, Dibromuré d'Atropine Unilabo, Citrate de Bétaïne Beaufour, Campho-Pneumine Chloramphénicol, Crilucyl, Aspirine Relax, Cyclo 3, Cynomel, Diglium, Equigyne, Euclidan, Euraulfia, Solurutine-Papavérine, Fluxoveine, Glucidoral, Hexacycline, Lespénéphryl, Magnantyl, Méréprine, Pinidione, Prénoxan, Pulmofluide, Revitalose, Sarpagan, Solurutine-Choline, Solurutine Iodée, Solvoparine, Stimutonyl "C", Tamarine, Tensitral, Thiomucase-H, Tri-Ergyl, Ultra-Levure, Vulcrinol Marinier. Manufacturers include: Laboratoires Beaufour, Toraude, Mauchant, Unilabo, Laboratoires Veyron-Froment, Lepetit, Laboratoires Allard, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, Laboratoires Delagrange, Laboratoires Solac, Laboratoires Dausse, Laboratoires Fraysse, Laboratoires Servier, Laboratoires Diamant, Laboratoires Oberval, Laboratoires Leurquin, Société Laboratoires du Docteur Furt, Latéma, Laboratoires Biocodex, Laboratoires Marinier, Percaïnal (Ciba? 1933).

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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