Experiments with drugs : studies in the relation between personality, learning theory and drug action / edited by H.J. Eysenck.

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Oxford : Pergamon Press, 1963.

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xii, 421 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Personality and drug effects / H.J. Eysenck -- The suppression of the primary visual stimulus / S. Aiba -- "Visual masking" and the effect of stimulant and depressant drugs / H.C. Holland -- The effects of stimulant and depressant drugs on auditory cross-masking / H.C. Holland and J.B. Luria -- Interrelations between two measures of perceptual inhibition / H.C. Holland and S. Aiba -- Excitation-inhibition and the theory of neurosis: a study of the sedation threshold / G.S. Claridge and R.N. Herrington -- A new method for the determination of individual differences in susceptibility to a depressant drug / E. Rodnight and R.N. Gooch -- The effects of meprobamate on the visual after-image ; The effects of meprobamate on the spiral after-effect / C.G. Costello -- The effects of stimulant and depressant drugs upon visual figural after-effects / H.C. Holland and B.H. Gomez -- The effects of meprobamate on apparent movement / C.G. Costello -- Depressant-stimulant drugs, inhibition and the visual constancies / J. Sylvester -- Brian damage and depressant drugs: an experimental study of interaction / M. Choppy and H.J. Eysenck -- Some effects of carisaprodol on pain reactivity / R. Lynn and H.J. Eysenck -- Ethyl alcohol and the effects of stress / J. Easterbrook -- The influence of stimulant depressant drugs on the central nervous system / R.N. Gooch.

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 381-416).


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