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Collected papers, W.M. Court Brown.

  • Court Brown, W. M. (William Michael)
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Collected papers. Vol. 1, 1948-1969


[Multiple places of publication] : [multiple publishers], [1948-1969]

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Approximately 835 leaves in various pagings : black and white illustrations ; 27 cm


Title from cover.
A collection of W.M. Court Brown reprints bound together in a single volume.

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


The value of platelet counts in radiotherapy -- Antihistamine drugs and radiation sickness -- Wide field irradiation and the platelet count -- Symptomatic disturbance after single therapeutic dose of X rays -- Some clinical and biochemical observations following a single therapeutic dose of X-rays -- Integral dose, body size, and the site of irradiation as factors determining the severity of radiation sickness -- Observations made on the human response to a single dose of X-rays - the latent period -- The relationship of X-ray dose to the time of development of radiation sickness following exposure to a single dose of X-rays -- The effect of a single dose of X-rays on the peripheral blood count of man -- A clinical trial of cysteinamine (beta-mercaptoethylamine) in radiation sickness -- The incidence of leukaemia in ankylosing spondylitis treated with X-rays -- Radiation sickness in man following administration of therapeutic radioiodine -- Some observations on the occurence of leukaemia in an irradiated human population -- Gonad doses from diagnostic and therapeutic radiology -- The general radiation syndrome: inital reaction in the monkey -- Nuclear and allied radiations and the incidence of leukaemia in man -- Radiation leukaemogenesis in man -- Radiation-induced leukaemia in man, with particular reference to the dose-response relationship -- The hazards of diagnostic X-rays -- Expectation of life and mortality from cancer among British radiologists -- Adult leukaemia: trends in mortality in relation to aetiology -- The expectation of life and cancer mortality of British radiologists -- Dose-response relationship in radiation leukaemia -- Some reflections on the possible hazards of man of low doses of radiations -- The somatic chromosomes in mongolism -- Radiation hazards -- Interpretation of chromosome counts made on bone-marrow cells -- Abnormalities involving the X chromosome in women -- Trisomic condition of a large chromosome -- A prospective study of the leukaemia mortality of children exposed to ante-natal diagnostic radiography -- Radiation leukaemogenesis in man -- Incidence of leukaemia after exposure to diagnostic radiation in vitro -- Human chromosome abnormalities -- Chromosome analysis in human leukaemia -- Sex chromosome abnormalities -- New perspectives in leukaemia -- Mortality from primary tumours of bone in England and Wales -- Leukaemia in childhood and young adult life -- Cytogenetic studies in primary amenorrhoea -- Abnormalities of sex chromosome constitution in newborn babies -- Cytogenetic studies in chronic myeloid leukaemia and acute leukaemia associated with mongolism -- Two cases of leukaemia and a case of sex-chromosome abnormality in the same sibship -- Geographical distribution of primary tumours of the bone in England and Wales -- A classification of patients with primary amenorrhoea on a cytogenetic basis -- Chromosome analysis and clinical medicine -- A survey of sex-chromosome abnormalities among 4514 mental defectives -- Role of genetic change in neoplasia -- Chronic myeloid leukaemia: cytogenetic studies before and after splenic irradiation -- A study of the chromosome damage persisting after X-ray therapy for ankylosing spondylitis -- Cancer subjects and abnormal cell division -- Cytogenetics in medicine -- Cytogenetic studies in chronic myeloid leukemia -- Red cell glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in individuals with abnormal numbers of X-chromosomes -- Change in human chromosome count distributions with age: evidence for a sex difference -- Radiation carcinogenesis -- Cytogenetic studies on bone-marrow in chronic myeloid leukaemia -- Sex chromosome abnormalities in women, with particular reference to the investigation of primary amenorrhoea -- Sex-chromosome abnormalities in newborn babies -- Cytogenetic studies in leucocytes on the general population: subjects of ages 65 years and more -- Fertility in an XY/XXY male married to a translocation heterozygote -- Observations on possible mechanisms of leukaemia induction in man following radiation exposure -- Leukaemia in Britain and Scandinavia -- The study of somatic damage in man from exposure to heavy doses of radiation -- Leukaemia -- Quantitive studies of chromosome aberrations in man following acute and chronic exposure to X rays and gamma rays -- Mortality from cancer and other causes after radiotherapy for ankylosing spondylities -- The frequency of subjects with chromsome abnormalities and some implications in relation to disease -- Chromosome studies on women formerly employed as luminous-dial painters -- Chromosome abnormalities --The value of cytogenetic studies in human leukaemia -- Chromosome studies on testicular cells from 50 subfertile men -- The identification of lymphocyte clones, with chromosome structural aberrations, in irradiated men and women -- Genetics and crime -- Some types of information obtainable from chromosome studies on defined population groups -- Neoplasia in patients treated with X-rays for ankylosing spondylitis or metropathia haemorrhagica -- Lymphocyte survival in men treated with X-rays for ankylosing spondylitis -- The study of human sex chromosome abnormalities with particular reference to intelligence and behaviour -- Further information on the identity of 47,XYY males -- Cytogenetic studies in humans: some population aspects -- Chomosome studies on men in a maximum security hospital -- Males with an XYY sex chromosome complement -- Sex chromosome aneuploidy in man and its frequency, with special reference to mental subnormality and criminal behaviour -- Genetic and environmental influences on behaviour -- Studies on chromosome damage following in vivo human radiation exposure -- A survey of sex chromatin abnormalities in mental hospitals -- Chromosomes and crime-- Human population cytogenetics -- Sex chromosome aneuploidy and parental age -- An account of the development of research in the Medical Research Council's clinical and population cytogenetics research unit in human cytogenetics and related subjects (1956-1969), with some observations in likely future progress.



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