Three men smoking and drinking in a tavern: one man, when drunk, tends to abuse Irish people; the second, who is Irish, tends to attack anyone abusing Irish people; and the third man looks on. Coloured lithograph.

[approximately 1840?]
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The man in a fancy waistcoat on the right says, "It's a knack I got Mr O'Tool when I'm a little groggy of abusing the Irish.", to which the man on the left (Mr O'Toole) replies "Is that all? Well honey now, when I'm groggy I take to horsewhiping any one that abuses the Irish, and that's a knack I've got." On the back wall, notices advertising "Irish whiskey" and "Soups", and a framed painting of a fox hunting meet


London (377 Strand) : W. Spooner, [approximately 1840?] ([London] (22 Denmark St, Soho) : Printed by W. Kohler)

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1 print : lithograph, with watercolour ; image 20.5 x 17.2 cm


Wellcome Collection 26908i


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