Meldreth Manor School home movies.

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A compilation of home movies shot at Meldreth Manor School illustrating the life and the activities of the school such as the workshops, sports day, leavers' celebration party and performances.



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1 positive film reel (41 min.) : silent, colour, Super 8 mm

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The material was given to the collection by Scope in 2015/16 when management of Meldreth Manor School was passed to The Aurora Group, a specialist provider in education and care.
In 2017, the 11 film reels were compiled together to transfer the material and for storage.


Reel 1 Swim 1977 Medium shots of children swimming with adult attendants in an indoor swimming pool. The footage is slightly out of focus and the indvidual are not readily identifiable. Time start: 00:00:00:00 Time end: 00:03:30:00 Length: 00:03:30:00
Reel 2 Workshop 1974 Philip Hook 28.3.74 filmed at the Meldreth Manor School workshop; the workshop comprises of ordinary kitchen appliances and he practices using the washing machine (old fashioned top loader with a hose coming from the tap on the kitchen sink) before carrying out basket weaving, using a machine which does something with envelopes, curling metal pieces, drilling a hole. Time start: 00:03:30:00 Time end: 00:07:30:00 Length: 00:04:00:00
Reel 3 NS Games 1977 Anthony Testors (?) aged 12 23.11.77 shot out of focus seated stretching his arms up and then using trolley on casters trying to walk. He then lies on a mat and rolls over watched by a physiotherapist. He practises trying to pull himself up from the floor to a chair. Time start: 00:07:30:00 Time end: 00:11:20:00 Length: 00:03:50:00
Reel 4 (title has rubbed off) 1974 S. Italiano 25.4.75 aged 15 in the workshop performing light machining tasks. The same child is then outside in a motorised wheelchair negotiating a chicane of small obstacles on a marked running track. Time start: 00:11:20:00 Time end: 00:15:10:00 Length: 00:03:50:00
Reel 5 Leavers Summer 1978 A high angle shot taken from above of a party to celebrate the graduation of students. The children, staff and families are dressed in summer bonnets and straw boaters. A large number of students are in wheelchairs. Food is laid out buffet style around the edges. A woman sweeps up food on the floor. Gifts are given to the children. Time start: 00:15:10:00 Time end: 00:18:50:00 Length: 00:03:40:00
Reel 6 Trampolene An unidentified boy balances on a foam block on a trampoline aided by a physiotherapist who interacts with him. Time start: 00:18:50:00 Time end: 00:22:30:00 Length: 00:03:40:00
Reel 7 Untitled A helicopter hovers overhead and lands. Sports day is in progress; a line of children on tricycles compete in a race. There are various shots of the specatators. There are two competitive races Time start: 00:22:30:00 Time end: 00:25:10:00 Length: 00:03:40:00
Reel 8 Untitled Three children compete in wheelchairs. Three more compete. A further three compete. Miscellaneous views of other activities. Time start: 00:25:10:00 Time end: 00:28:50:00 Length: 00:03:40:00
Reel 9 Apple Nativity 1979 Medium long shot of a nativity play on the school stage; it is shot in dim lighting and difficult to identify the participants. Time start: 00:28:50:00 Time end: 00:32:40:00 Length: 00:03:40:00
Reel 10 Snow White 197? A performance of Snow White with spectators. Time start: 00:32:40:00 Time end: 00:36:30:00 Length: 00:03:50:00
Reel 11 Untitled Leavers' presentation (porbably relates to reel 5 as everyone is dressed in a similar fashion. Time start: 00:36:30:00 Time end: 00:40:08:00 Length: 00:03:38:00

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There are no credits on the films.


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