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Peckham pioneer health centre amateur films,. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Black and white, some colour, silent amateur footage transferred from a number of film reels. Footage captured at the Peckham Health Centre and its farm at Dartford. All footage is black and white unless otherwise stated.


UK : TVP, 1949.

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1 encoded moving image (49:02 min.) : silent, black and white.



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Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 2.0 UK: England & Wales.


Reel Number: 13/1 Small babies in the nursery in the Centre. Some are lying on their front, others are sitting up and playing with toys.
Reel Number: 14/3 Building work taking place. Interiors are very dark; concrete being laid. Two women carry a milk churn. Couple walk to camera along road. Small caravan. Footage shot possibly at the farm in Dartford in the summer. Picking in field, woman weeding, three cows being herded. Cow being milked. Cow with calf. Tent being put up/taken down. More building work with cement mixer, laying floor. Meal eaten outside; large group, all ages. Exterior shots of large house. Cricket being mowed. Tractor. Wobbly pans of tents etc. Women wearing bikinis; bean (pea?) picking in fields.
Reel Number: 12/4 Colour footage of exterior of house as before. Pans over camping site. People relaxing.
Reel Number: 10 Very short: footage of an amateur football match beginning; wobbly pans over countryside.
Reel Number: 5 People preparing food at the camping site. A couple arrive. Food prepared and eaten. Football match in progress. Spectators.
Reel Number: 0 Hay being forked. Children climbing up rope ladder attached to a tree. Hay being forked onto a truck.
Reel Number: 9 Children construct a play boat using a real (but grounded) rowing boat. Grid with measurements (possibly for focusing camera?)
Reel Number: 15/K Colour footage showing a village church and graveyard.
Reel Number: 11/2 Children (three, four and five year olds) on play equipment (slide) at the Pioneer Health Centre nursery. Sitting at desks playing with toys.
Reel Number: 8 Mostly unclothed babies (toddlers) in the nursery exploring.
Reel Number: 2 Woman holding up unclothed baby, testing its walking reflexes. Intertitle 14-5-49 0471.
Reel Number: 7 Card with the writing 'Nursery, 3 side floods, 2 ov'head floods @ £1.9'. More footage of children in nursery.
Reel Number: 6 Baby laying on its front in cot. Footage appears to show kicking. Black. Children playing on 'monkey' bars, ropes.
Reel Number: 4 Toddlers in nursery playing. Some footage is very dark. Shots of an audience/talk (no audio). People smoke, a woman knits.
Reel Number: 3 Shots taken in an untidy laboratory. Woman looking at notebooks.

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