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Amateur footage shot from the coast out to sea. Views of people outside a grand building in the Caribbean. A statue in a square with palm trees and benches. Two elegant ladies walk to camera. Other statues; a man on horseback and a cenotaph. A brief shot of a swimming pool on a ship followed by further coastal views. A canal (possibly the Panama Canal) with locks. A ship berthed. Dockside views.



Physical description

1 video cassette (03:29 min.) (DIGIBETA) : silent, black and white.
1 DVD (03:29 min.) : silent, black and white ; 12cm

Copyright note

Copyright previously held by British Medical Association and assigned to Wellcome in 2005


One of nine films which appear to have been posted between A. Wilfred Adams and Dr. G. C. Anderson depicting a journey around the Caribbean (Trinidad and Jamaica). Anderson was the Secretary at the time of the British Medical Association's World Tour in 1935 (a film record exists in the collection).
Date is derived from the edge code on the film.



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