Cerebral cortex of the monkey.

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This film demonstrates the responses produced by stimulating certain areas of the brain and effects of excision of two areas of the motor cortex. It opens with shots of Sir Charles Sherrington handling preserved monkey brains and quotations from his writings. The work of David Ferrier is mentioned briefly before turning to John Fulton's book; 'Philosopy of the Nervous System'. Hereafter, the histological preparations and diagrams which demonstrate the distribution of the giant nerve cells and course of their long axones are based on Fulton's research. A monkey is anaesthetised, part of its brain is exposed and its motor functions are tested by means of an electric probe. The monkey is then seen recovered, albeit with some impairment to its reflexes in comparison to its cage companion. 1 segment.


UK : Nucleus Film Unit, 1949.

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1 encoded moving image (21:52 min.) : sound., color.



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ICI Ltd.

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Made in collaboration with the Department of Physiology, Oxford University and ICI Film Unit.

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In English



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