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World Health Organisation (WHO) buildings in the cities of Manila, Washington, Lyon, Copenhagen, Alexandria, Geneva, New Delhi and Brazzaville surrounded by a series of numbered images interspersed with the WHO logo and the words 'AIDS Stop SIDA'; an advertisement by the World Health Organisation. Colour lithograph by G. Padey and G. Auberson.

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Parlons santé. Let's talk health! Hablemos de la salud. Falemos da saude! Création: G. Padey (OMS Genève); Réalisation: G. Auberson. Published: in or before 1996 (provenance of impression catalogued) An arrow points from one of the WHO logos to the image of the WHO building in Geneva suggesting this poster was published there; the words 'WHO' are visible on the photograph of the Manila building. Bears numerous logos of the World Health Organization: the world with the staff of Aesculapius surrounded by sheaves of wheat.


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

    Free to use with attribution for non-commercial purposes

    CC BY-NC