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English Language Autograph Letters: GRE-GRI

1737 - 1941
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1. Addressed envelope from Charles Green to J.E. Brogden, Stamford, 6th November 1854

2. Letter from Christopher Green to Lord George Earl of Halifax, 10th April 1737

3. Letter from Joseph Henry Green to the Chairman of the Board of Curators of the Royal College of Surgeons, n.d.

4. Letter from Joseph Henry Green to Robert Wheeler, 15th January 1836, Southgate

5. Letter from Joseph Henry Green to William Thomas Brande, 26th June 1828, Lincoln Inn Fields

6. Letter from Joseph Henry Green to Dr. R. Dodson, 2nd October 1826, Lincoln Inn Fields

7. Letter on behalf of Joseph Henry Green to J. M. Stone, 3rd June n.y., Hadley

8. Letter from John Richard Green to Dr. Farrar, 25th January 1875, Beaumont Street

9. Letter from John Richard Green to Mrs Hales, 24th June 1879

10. Poem by Richard Green entitled 'Local Happiness', inscribed to Lord Chief Baron Marlay, n.d., Sellbridge

11. 3 letters from George Bellas Greenough to unknown recipient - 19th June 1836, Regents Park; 21st November 1839, Regents Park; 19th November 1941, Regents Park

12. Letter from William Gregory to unknown recipient, 27th August 1836, Stukely's Abury

13. Letter from William Gregory to "W.C.", 15th April n.y., Edinburgh

14. Letter from Charles Greville to "George", 17th June n.y.

15. Letter from Robert Kaye Greville to William Gourlie, 20th November 1851, Edingburgh

16. Letter from Robert Kaye Greville to Dr. Philip B. Ayres, 9th June 1845

17. Letter from Robert Kaye Greville to unknown recipient, 3rd July 1844, Sterling

18. Letter from Robert Kaye Greville to Thomas Robson, 12th July 1834, Edinburgh

19. Letter from Robert Kaye Greville to Edward Hobson, 12th March 1822, Edinburgh

20. Letter from Charles Grey to unknown recipient, 11th July 1817

21. Letter from Edwrad Griffith to Baron Cuvier, 21st September 1824

22. 2 letters from Samuel Griffith to Mr. -- Luke - 15th December 1835, Wellington Street, London Bridge; 30th November 1835, Wellington Street, London Bridge

23. Letter from William Handsel Griffith Griffiths to William Sharpey, 27th August 1866, County Meath, Ireland

24. Letter from Ralph Barnes Grindrod to Miss Wright, 2nd October 1871

25. Probate copy of the Will of Charles Augustus Greaves, 8 June 1921.


1737 - 1941

Physical description

14 files

Acquisition note

Purchased from Sotheby's, London, February 1930 (acc.52480), and February 1931 (acc.56320); Stevens, London, March 1931 (acc.56483), (acc.68133), April 1931 (acc.68566), and November 1932 (acc.68330); Glendining, London, March 1932 (acc.67624), August 1934 (acc.67880), and January 1935 (acc.67950); Desgranges, Paris, October 1935 (acc.69099); F. H. Sykes, Chelsea, January 1928 (acc.67365); Mrs. Barrett, London, March 1930 (acc.91327); Ed Hall Bookseller, Gravesend, 1965 (acc.311503); and Mrs. Watson, Burnley, March 1945 (acc.72200), presumably once part of the Thomas Madden Stone autograph collection. Three items transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1933 (acc.65759) and c.1939 (acc.91800). Presented by D. G. Moore, 1921 (acc.311027). Provenance details not recorded for A.363, 67430, and 329145.

Biographical note

Charles Green, 1785-1870 - aeronaut, invented the guide-rope

Christopher Green, 1651-1741 - M.D., Professor of Physick (University of Cambridge)

Joseph Henry Green, 1791-1863 - surgeon

John Richard Green, 1837-1883 - historian, Jesus College, Oxford University

Richard Green, 1716-1793 - surgeon

George Bellas Greenough, 1778-1855 - geographer, geologist

William Gregory, 1803-1858 - M.D. and professor of medicine and chemistry (King's College, Aberdeen)

Charles Greville, 1794-1865 - Clerk of Privy Council

Robert Kaye Greville, 1794-1866 - botanist

Charles Grey, 1764-1845 - second Earl

Edward Griffith, 1790-1858 - naturalist

Samuel Griffith, no dates - M.D.

William Handsel Griffith Griffiths, 1846-1877 - M.D., Librarian at College of Surgery, Dublin

Ralph Barnes Grindrod, 1811-1883

Greaves, Charles Augustus (d. 24 April 1921) - surgeon.

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