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This film shows the new approaches to distribution and contraceptives being explored internationally by focusing on three studies of community-based distribution. Social marketing is seen at work in different settings in Sri Lanka, Philippines and Columbia. In Sri Lanka, condoms are rebranded with the name "Joy" to distance their association away from venereal disease. Distribution was via small local shops. Reckitt and Coleman handled the packaging. Shopkeepers are enlisted for education and information dissemination. A campaign to make the female contraceptive pill readily available was then rolled out. The film then looks at the situation in the Philippines. A family planning clinic was set up running alongside a church, Iglesia Cristo. Volunteers are shown preparing packs for distribution and then canvassing the clinic's facilities. The situation in Columbia is studied. A green flag is present outside distribution outlets for contraceptives. New adopters of contraception are called 'new acceptors'. The distributors and introducers split the proceeds from the sale of contraceptives.


Vision Associates for International Planned Parenthood Federation, c.1979.

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1 videocassette (26 min.) (DIGIBETA) : sound, color
1 DVD (26 min.) : sound, color

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International Planned Parenthood Federation.



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