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The dangers of not using sexual protection and AIDS.


Free to use with attribution for non-commercial purposes CC BY-NCCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Two red fish appear to swim inside a green condom in an ocean of sharks; representing a warning of the dangers of not using sexual protection and AIDS. Colour lithograph by Lionel Bouhier, 1992.


Aujourd'hui, quand le désire cache du danger, il est bon de se protéger. Préservons nos vies du SIDA. 2e prix concours de dessin: Lionel Bouhier - 2e prix concours de slogan "Tabu SIDA" Collège Mataura - Tubuai (Australes) (1/12/92). Le message élivré par Lionel Bouhier ... est fortement influencé par l'environnement marin des Tuamotu ... La fragilité d'un couple de petits poissons, évoluant dans la bulle de protection ... la magie de l'amour. Messagers contre le SIDA. Finance par L'O.M.S., B.P. 611 Papeete ... Polytram 42.84.76. Bouhier 92. Includes profile of artist and description of illustration.


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License information

You can use this work for any purpose, as long as it is not primarily intended for or directed to commercial advantage or monetary compensation. You should also provide attribution to the original work, source and licence.

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The dangers of not using sexual protection and AIDS. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY-NC

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