Students of mothercraft.

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Charming film in beautiful colour showing nurses in Hong Kong being trained in the care of mothers and babies. Among the subjects illustrated are how to bath and dry a baby (as the nanny-ish female commentator opines that 'A bath like this every day is what we'd all enjoy'), clothes for baby, breastfeeding (good shot of baby feeding at mother's breast), making baby comfortable in its cot, baby getting diphtheria injection, issues of safety in the home, how to help a baby bring up wind, sterilization of bottles for bottle-fed babies, giving orange juice and cod liver oil to baby, the importance of teaching good habits like brushing teeth and washing hands, suitable toys and babies being strapped onto their mothers' backs in slings or shawls. Towards the end of the film, the commentator firmly reminds us what we have learnt: 'Prevention is better than cure' and 'Health is happiness'.



Physical description

1 encoded moving image (18:23 mins.) : mute, colour



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Health Visitors' Association.

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Open / Unrestricted.
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In English.

Creator/production credits

Made by G. K. Burne, Supervisor and Training Officer of Health Nurses, Harcourt Health Centre, Hong Kong.
Miss Bourne.


Picture and sound have been synchronised from different elements (the soundtrack was created later): this is the mute picture master.


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