Farewell Doctor Finlay. 1/2.

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Two-part series in which Doctor Margaret McCartney tells the hisstory of general practice in the UK.

Part one of two. Dr Martin Edwards and Anne Digby discuss the prominence of the 18th century surgeon-apothecary, and their importance in the development of modern medical practice. Dr Julian Tudor Hart describes military surgery during the Napoleonic wars. Digby describes the early qualification procedures for medical practitioners, and discusses the emergence of official medical body registration. The panel discuss the social caché given to doctors in the 19th century, represented in the painting The Doctor by Sir Luke Fildes. Digby describes the Golden Age of the medical profession, and opportunities for women at this time. She moves on to talk about the impact of the National Health Insurance Act (1911), and the nationalisation of health practices. Dr Pat Whatley explains the state of medical services in the Highlands up until the 20th century, whilst Annie Tindley describes Dr Lachlan Grants impact on these services in various remote communities. Tindley explains the Dewar Report (1912). A clip is played from the BBC sound archives introducing the worlds first air ambulance service (1934). McCartney describes the social impact of the television and radio series Dr. Finlays Casebook, which was based on A. J. Cronins novella Country Doctor. Some brief clips of the series are played. Historian Irene Morgan explains the emergence of the Medical Aid Society in the 1920s. Paediatrician and Medical Officer of Health Dr Ewan Ross recounts his time helping his father with local medical duties as a youth. McCartney talks about the emergence of the WWII Emergency Medical Service, and clips are played of Sir William Beveridge reading from The Beveridge Report (1942). Clips are played of Charles Hill debating the efficacy of the newly proposed National Health Service (1948). Biographer and MP Nick Thomas Symons explains the role Aneurin Bevan had in rallying support for the NHS. Clips are played of Aneurin Bevan speaking about the NHS (1940s). Historian and retired GP Martin Edwards explains an influx in serious cases not previously brought to medical professionals attention prior to the formulation of the NHS. Historian Dr Graham Smith explains how GPs roles changed within hospitals during this time.



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1 CD (30 min) ; 12 cm

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A Square Dog Radio production for BBC Radio 4.


Originally broadcast on 8th July 2016 on BBC Radio 4.

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Produced by Mike Hally.
Presented by Dr Margaret McCartney.



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