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Events of 1937 and 1938.


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A compilation of important events which took place in Bermondsey shot with no sound; the first sequences are in black and white whereas some of the latter ones are in colour. The first sequence shows the new health centre at Spa Road. Exterior shots are followed by views of the interior which demonstrates its palatial dimensions; a woman and child walk through the building. There are views of the optician's equipment, dental clinic and cubicles. The Major, Councillor E.J. Gibson opens Silver Street children's playground. Alfred and Ada Salter are there. This is followed by colour footage (with a green tinge) of a walking pageant of mothers with their prams highly decorated with bunting and flowers in a celebration of the coronation held at Fairby Grange. The next sequence is a visit by the Duchess of Kent to the borough (in colour); dignitaries assemble on the steps as her car arrives. May Day March, 1938 in black and white and taking place on a rainy day. It features trade union banners (some relating to anti-fascism), marching bands and a float with a 'Here comes good health' banner. The End. There is some extraneous footage of building work after 'The End' intertitle.


[London] : [Bermondsey Borough Council], [1937]

Physical description

1 Digibeta (13:09 mins) : 2 DVDs (13:09 mins each) : sil, black and white and color; PAL. sil., black and white and color; PAL.

Copyright note

C. F. Lumley 1937


This video was made from material preserved by the Imperial War Museum Film Archive

One of two films discovered recently and donated to the Imperial War Museum Film Archive.

Creator/production credits

Attributed to C. F. Lumley.



  • English

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