Blink: a horizon guide to the senses.

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Presented by Kevin Fong, this Horizon special looks back over previous episodes which have dealt with the human senses. Clips are shown from the following previous Horizon documentaries: Sensory Deprivation from 2008, an experiment in which six volunteers were kept in sensory deprivation in a nuclear bunker for two days. How Much Do You Smell? from 2002 showed research into the sense of smell, with particular focus on how animals use smell. Human Senses: Smell from 2003 looked at how smell affects us, whilst A Touch of Sensitivity from 1979 features human touch from birth onwards. It also includes footage of young primates being deprived of touch. In Science Topic from 1984 a sportswoman is asked to play tennis whilst her hearing is distracted and in The Mind's Eye from 1980 the world of human vision is explored. In Human Senses: Vision from 2003, eye tracking is recorded whilst Science and Life from 1962 attempted to explain how the retina works. Human Brain: Seeing performed an experiment in which a woman was asked to wear some spectacles which turned the world upside down for one week. Colourful Notions from 1984 looked at vision from a neurological perspective and Human Brain: Seeing from 2002 explored the eye in terms of its likeness to a computer. Human Senses: Vision from 2003 explored the way in which vision leads to instinctive body reflexes and can easily be tricked visually; Science topic: Senses from 1984 explores the realm of optical illusions. Is Seeing Believing? from 2010 looks at how visual stimulus can play tricks on what we think we hear whilst Orange Sherbert Kisses from 1984 explores the realm of synaesthesia as does Derek Tastes of Earwax from 2004. Broken Images from 1987 follows John, a man who no longer recognises what he sees, after suffering a stroke which left him with visual agnosia. Visions of the Blind from 1976 attempts to show how a lack of vision affects all the other senses. Science All Around: Senses, 1976, showed an experiment to help the blind by using the sort of sound waves bats use to navigate space in the form of echo locating glasses. Visions of the Blind, 1976 showed experiments in which sight was replaced by touch in the blind; the 1970s was also a time of experimentation for the deaf as seen in Curtain of Silence from 1973. In 1984 Tomorrow's World featured cochlear implants


UK : BBC 4, 2012.

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1 DVD (60 min.) : sound, color, PAL.

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BBC Productions


Broadcast on 11 July, 2012

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Produced and directed by Eileen Inkson.



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