The 'Calumny' of Apelles. Colour etching by C.N. Cochin and woodcut by N. Le Sueur after Raphael.

  • Raphael, 1483-1520.
Part of:
Recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux et d'après les plus beaux desseins qui sont en France
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A painting by Apelles described by Lucian as follows: "On the right of it sits Midas with very large ears, extending his hand to Slander while she is still at some distance from him. Near him, on one side, stand two women: Ignorance and Suspicion. On the other side, Slander is coming up, a woman beautiful beyond measure, but full of malignant passion and excitement, evincing as she does fury and wrath by carrying in her left hand a blazing torch and with the other dragging by the hair a young man who stretches out his hands to heaven and calls the gods to witness his innocence. She is conducted by a pale ugly man who has a piercing eye and looks as if he had wasted away in long illness; he represents envy. There are two women in attendance to Slander, one is Fraud and the other Conspiracy. They are followed by a woman dressed in deep mourning, with black clothes all in tatters: she is Repentance. At all events, she is turning back with tears in her eyes and casting a stealthy glance, full of shame, at Truth, who is slowly approaching". Here Midas is enthroned on the left, Slander approaches him holding a burning torch in one hand and dragging a praying young man by the hair with the other. On the right Repentance and Truth enter


[Paris] : [Imprimerie royale], [1729]

Physical description

1 print : etching, with woodcut, printed in buff and white ; platemark 18.3 x 35.6 cm


La calomnie, peinte par Apelles le dessein de Raphaël, qui est dans le cabinet de M.r Crozat, gravé en cuivre par Charles Nicolas Cochin, et en bois par Nicolas le Sueur. Bears number: 39 In the lettering, "Nicolas" is etched in a longer space that had previously been left blank. The lettering around it is engraved


[State with "Nicolas" etched in the lettering, instead of a blank space].


Commissioned and issued as part of the "Recueil Crozat", 2 vols., 1729 and 1742, of which volume I bears a title page lettered: Recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux et d'après les plus beaux desseins qui sont en France, dans le cabinet du Roy, dans celuy de monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans, & dans d'autres cabinets, A Paris: de l'Imprimerie Royale, MDCCXXIX

References note

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Wellcome Collection 3010893i


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