A worker operating a pneumatic drill, with all but the drill bit out of focus, representing invisible detrimental effects of noise on health. Colour lithograph, ca. 1993.

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[Germany] : Ihre Berufsgenossenschaft, [1993?]

Physical description

1 print : lithograph, printed in colours ; sheet 59.5 x 42 cm


Weil Lärm krank macht Gehörschutz tragen. Lärm kann den Blutdruck erhöhen und den Puls beschleunigen, ohne dass man es merkt. Folge: Erhöhte körperliche Belastung. Ab 85 dB(A): Ohne Gehörschutz kommt es zur Schädigung der Hörzellen. Folge: unheilbare Lärmschwerhörigkeit. Ihre Berufsgenossenschaft. Translation of lettering: "Because noise makes us ill: wear hearing protection. Noise can raise the blood pressure and speed up the pulse without one noticing it. Result: increased workload for the body. ... Without hearing protection the hearing cells can be damaged. Result: incurable hearing impairment." Bears logo of BG, a sphere resting on a semicircle, with lettering "Ihre Berufsgenossenschaft" (your professional association), i.e. any of the specific Berufsgenossenschaften could issue this, since hearing protection is needed in more than one industry Bears number: Abruf-Nr. 807


Wellcome Collection 814491i

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Produced by one or more of the Berufsgenossenschaften (statutory accident insurance and prevention institution of banks, insurance companies, administration, professions and specialized industries in Germany)



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