Some aspects of accessible cancers. Larynx. Part Three.

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This film is aimed at professional audiences. A patient goes to his doctor and is diagnosed with cancer of the vocal chords. A medical illustration indicates the areas at risk of cancer, where lesions might appear, and the means whereby the clinician can identify the problem. Lesions on the larynx are shown filmed by means of mirrors. Another patient is diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis for his treatment is set out. Radiographs are used to see whether the cancer has spread. The thyroid cartillage is marked on the skin of the patient. A piece of lead wire is used to measure the contour of the neck; this is passed onto the physics department to establish the dose of the radium treatment. The radiation beam is set up. During the course of treatment, patients are permitted to eat, relax, play snooker and smoke. A laryngoscopy removes a biopsy in another patient and then surgery to remove the thyroid and larynx is shown step by step. A patient is seen in recovery. The patient learns to speak using a laryngeal voice (using the regurgitative reflex). Other patients can use an artificial larynx (which looks like a pipe).



Physical description

1 videocassette (23:02 mins.) (DIGIBETA) : sound, black and white.
1 DVD (23:02 mins.) : sound, black and white ; 12 cm.

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Crown Copyright.

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Open with advisory.

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In English.

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Made under the supervision of Sir Stanford Cade, Malcolm Donaldson, G. F. Stebbing. Principal Medical Advisers: The Royal Cancer Hospital; W. A. Mill, M. Lederman, A. D. O'Connor. Realist Film Unit. A C. O. I. film made for the Ministry of Health by Realist Film Unit. Photography A. E. Jenkins, Associate Producer Edgar Anstey, Director Jack Ellitt.


This film forms part of a group of films donated to the Wellcome Trust in 2006 by The British Medical Association.



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