Sefer Peʾer ha-Dor : ha-lo hemah teshuvot sheʾelot leha-maʾor ha-gadol rabenu Mosheh ben rabenu Maimon z. l. h. h., ha-lo zeh ha-davar ḥemdah genuzah emun mekhushah emun.

  • Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204
5525 [1765]
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Also known as

Peʾer ha-dor


Amśṭerdam : Bi-defus ha-adon Gerard Yohan Yanson, 5525 [1765]

Physical description

viii pages, 15, 56 leaves ; cm.

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Language note

Text in Hebrew, word of thanks and preface in Spanish.

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Electronic resource. Leiden : Brill, 2012. (Moses Maimonides, unparalleled editions ; MA-46) Scanned from microfiche filmed from the original held by: British Library, London.


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