Tussignano (Petrus de) (-1401)

  • Tossignano, Pietro da, d. 1401.
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Tussignano (Petrus de) (-1401). Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Collectorium super nonum Almansoris [Rhazis], de febribus. Extracta ex libro de febribus Magistri Galeatii de Sancta Sophia. Written by the same hand throughout in double column of 47 lines to a column. A foliation has been added in pencil. Fol. 1, col. 1 Ad dei laudem omnipotentis. Incipiunt/quedam breuia collecta super libro de febribus./[I]N hoc [sic] quidem operatione primo ponetur/capitulum de causa omnium febrium in gen/erali... 62, col. 1, line 11 ...Explicit collectorium petri/de tossiniana super nonum almansoris/licet poluria alia sunt addita dictis suis./Grates sint deo nostro domino Yhesu de/suis beneficiis nobis impensis Amen./Scriptum est hoc oqus in Alma vniuersi/tate paduana Anno domini Moccco/30 et finitum est cum dei adiutorio prima/die mensis septembris etc. 62, col. 2 Contra ventris stipationem secundum antonium Cirmisonem/R brodum pinguis pulli...62v ...passule dactoli/et alia secundum quod placeat et etiam Finis. 63, col. 1 Ad dei laudem omnipotentis Incipiunt quedam/extracta ex libro de febribus Magistri Galliacii etc./[I]M [sic] hoc quidem collectorio primo po/netur ccapitulum de causa omnium febrium... 211v, col. 2 ...olei Iesemini 3 vi pinguedinis/anatis pinguedinis galline ana [?} 2/1 [semis ?]/butiri 2/1 [semis ?]. Written in red chalk on the end paper inside the upper cover'Ad domum ordinis pertinet Cartusiani', and in the outer margin of fol. 1, 'Buxheim'. In the margins of the Fly-leaves and of fol. 1r are medical notes by a contemporary hand. On the recto of the first fly-leaf at the end, in the margin. 'Iste liber obliga [tus est] florenum'. On the upper cover is a pasted-on paper slip inscribed 'H.L. 54 (in red, struck through) 24'; above this an inscription which may possibly read 'Praebitus [?] quondam [?] michi [?] colaaert [?]'. Produced in Padua.



Physical description

1 volume 211 ll. folio. 30 x 21 1/2 cm. Original crimsonm vellum binding. Metal bosses wanting: with three pieces from the four metal clasps. Small tear in the first leaf. The single fly-leaves and end-papers are two pairs of vellum leaves from a 14th century MS. of the 'Institutes' of Justinian, of which the back end-paper contains the beginnign with a large initial I in blue and red with marginal decoration. It is written in double column of 54 lines to a column in a clear book hand, with paragraph marks in red.

Acquisition note

Purchased 1910.

Biographical note

First printed (with Syllanus de Negris: Expositio noni libri ad Almansorem) at Venice in 1483.

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Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).



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