Travel medicine : tales behind the science / edited by Annelies Wilder-Smith, Eli Schwartz, Marc Shaw.

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Amsterdam ; London : Elsevier, 2007.

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xx, 333 pages : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 24 cm.


1st ed.


History of the development of travel medicine as a new discipline / Gabriela Buck and Robert Steffen -- Education in travel medicine / Phyllis Kozarsky -- Gorgas Course : learning travel medicine while traveling / David O. Freedman -- Ten commandments for healthy tropical travel / Jay S. Keystone -- Routine vaccinations and travel / Peter A. Leggat -- Recommended travel vaccines : from "travel vaccine" to universal vaccination-- the hepatitis A story / Francis E. Andre -- Required travel vaccinations : yellow fever-- the disease and the vaccine / Chen Collins -- Remote travel vaccines : the undulating fortunes of typhoid vaccines / Eyal Meltzer and Eli Schwartz -- Dodging the bullet : preventing rabies among international travelers / Paul M. Arguin and Nicole F. Oechslin -- Barking up the right trees? : malaria drugs from Cinchona to Qing Hao / Patricia Schlagenhauf-Lawlor -- Infections of adventure and leisure / Annelies Wilder-Smith -- Final log : Amazonas adventure / Marc Shaw -- Tales from the mountains / Ted Lankester -- Confessions of a "reality TV" doc / Marc Shaw -- Tomb raider's crew doctor / Laragh Gollogly -- Woman atop the crocodile : Newton's law in Africa / Stephen Toovey -- Borneo Eco-Challenge : GeoSentinel and rapid global sharing of disease outbreak information / David O. Freedman -- Understanding malaria prophylaxis : lessons learned on the Omo River, Ethiopia / Eli Schwartz -- Travelers' diarrhea : tales from Mexico / Charles D. Ericsson -- History of the CIWEC clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal / Prativa Pandey and David R. Shlim -- History of Cyclospora at the CIWEC clinic, Nepal / David R. Shlim -- Meningococcal disease and the Hajj pilgrimage / Annelies Wilder-Smith -- Too high too fast : experiences at high altitude / Ken Zafren -- Pleasures and perils of traveling with young children / Karl Neumann -- Mongolian expedition / Marc Shaw -- Evacuation of travelers : personal anecdotes, pearls and conclusions / Yoel Donchin and Steven Marc Friedman -- Globalization, migration and health : the history of disease and disparity in the global village / Brian Gushulak -- Stories of undocumented migrants to the USA / Nancy Piper Jenks -- Between crossing boundaries and respecting norms : the story of African women labor-migrants to Israel / Galia Sabar -- Humanitarian care in Haiti and Rwanda / Anne E. McCarthy -- Muslim pilgrimage / Ziad A. Memish -- Pilgrimages of Christianity / Michel J. Deprez -- Hindu pilgrimages / Santanu Chatterjee -- Pilgrimages in the high Himalayas / Ken Zafren -- Cholera : a travel history of the first modern pandemic / Eyal Meltzer and Eli Schwarz -- Role of armies in spreading epidemics : vector and victim / Eran Dolev -- Spread of disease in the 20th century and lessons for the 21st century / Stephen M. Ostroff -- As travel medicine practitioner during the SARS outbreak in Singapore / Annelies Wilder-Smith -- What does the travel medicine practitioner need to know about the international health regulations? / Max Hardiman -- Epilogue, Look into the future : space travel / Larry DeLucas.

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