Applications of anaesthesia in physiological research.

[between 1950 and 1959]
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This film shows experiments on an anaesthetised male subject in order to test the 'righting behaviour' of different life jackets / buoyancy aids in a swimming pool. The experiments took place during WWII. Part One: Design and Testing of Life Jackets. There are detailed intertitles explaining the methodology behind the experiments as well as detailing the undesirable characteristics of the life jackets worn (most would result in drowning of the serviceman). Shots above and below the water line. Part Two: Artificial Respiration. These sequences show several techniques of life saving by resuscitating an anaesthetised subject (footage not present on the Pask films). End.


[Place of publication not identified], s.n.], [between 1950 and 1959]

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1 Digibeta (10:18 mins) : silent, black and white; PAL.
1 VHS (10:18 mins) : silent, black and white; PAL.
1 DVD (10:18 mins) : silent, black and white; PAL.


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Conservation and access copies made from the film collection comprising of 55 items donated by Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, Oxford, to the Wellcome Trust in 2008. In 1937, Lord Nuffield established a clinical chair of anaesthesia in Oxford amidst some controversy that anaesthesia was even an academic discipline. The collection is a mixture of clinical and educational films made or held by the department to supplement their teaching dating from the late 1930s onwards.
Note in the catalogue which accompanied the collection: Best all round film for showing. Negative sent to the National Film Archive 06:04:1957.
From the curator; the picture is very grainy and slightly out-of-rack. The original Pask film footage is catalogued under Pask Film Nos 1-8, where the quality is appreciably better. The intertitles follow a different format; the length of the explainations on this film indicates a later version, probably compiled in the 1950s.



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