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Essays on the history of scientific thought in modern Japan / edited by Osamu Kanamori ; translated by Christopher Carr and M.G. Sheftall.

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Shōwa zenki no kagaku shisōshi. Selections. English.
880-02 Colophon title: Shōwa zenki no kagaku shisōshi (Eibun-ban)


"This book covers the history of physics, chemistry, and pharmacology in modern Japan, focusing on the 1920s through the early 1960s. Led by the editor's introduction, 'A Portrait of the History of Scientific Thought, ' readers will soon find themselves in the middle of a complex double narrative comprising both 'the telling of history' and 'the telling of the history of history.' In the end, readers will come to understand an intricate historical aspect, made possible through such a grand and meta-appreciation"-- Back cover.


Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2016.

Physical description

336 pages : black and white illustrations, charts ; 23 cm.


First edition: March 2016.


"This book is an English translation of excerpts from 'Showa zenki no kagaku shisō shi, ' published in Japanese by Keiso Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd. in 2011. The English edition comprises Introduction (Osamu Kanamori), Chapter 1 (Takuji Okamoto), Chapter 2 (Masanori Kaji), and Chapter 4 (Shin Chang-Geon) of the Japanese edition"--Title page verso.

Bibliographic information

Includes bibliographical references (pages 275-314) and indexes.


Introduction: A Portrait of the History of Scientific Thought / Osamu Kanamori. Section 1. Towards a Chronicle of the History of Scientific Thought ; Section 2. Prewar Trends ; Section 3. Study of the History of Science Gains Autonomy ; Section 4. The Infiltration of "Scientific Politics" and the Disputes Surrounding It -- Chapter 1. Nuclear And Elementary Particle Physics: The Evolution Of A Competitive View Of Science / Takuji Okamoto. Section 1. From the Inception of Quantum Mechanics to the Nobel Prize of Hideki Yukawa ; Section 2. Establishment of a Competitive Scientific View: the Agony of Hantarō Nagaoka ; Section 3. The Development of Competition and the Fate of the Competitive View of Science: From the Saturnian Model of the Atom to Anti-Relativity ; Section 4. The Advent of Quantum Mechanics ; Section 5. Meson Theory, Cyclotron, New Weapons ; Section 6. Research on the Atomic Nucleus and Elementary Particles in Defeat ; Section 7. Supporters of Basic Science -- Chapter 2. The Formation of Japan's Tradition Of Organic Chemistry Research With Rikō Majima / Masanori Kaji. Section 1. In the Beginning: The Promise of the History of Scientific Thought in Twentieth Century Japanese Chemistry ; Section 2. The History of Japanese Chemistry up to Majima ; Section 3. Rikō Majima's Path to Becoming a Chemist ; Section 4. Rikō Majima's Research in Germany ; Section 5. Rikō Majima's Arrival at Tōhoku Imperial University and the Completion of His Research on Urushiol ; Section 6. The Further Development of Organic Chemistry Research on Natural Products by Majima's Students in Japan: Expansion and Limitations ; Section 7. Rikō Majima's Subsequent Research and Accomplishments, or His Philosophical Pathway as Seen from His Journal ; Section 8. In Conclusion -- Remaining Challenges Facing a History of Thought in Chemistry -- Chapter 3. The Formation And Development Of The Self-Image Of Kampō Medicine In Japan: The Relationship Between Showa-Period Kampō And Science / Shin Chang-Geon. Section 1. Situating the Issue ; Section 2. The Historical Foundation of Showa Kampō Medicine ; Section 3. The Origin and Self-Image of the "East Asian Medicine" Movement ; Section 4. Eliminating Korean Influence from the New Oriental Medicine ; Section 5. Conclusion.


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