Alternative perspectives on psychiatric validation : DSM, ICD, RDoC, and beyond / edited by Peter Zachar, Drozdstoj St. Stoyanov, Massimiliano Aragona, Assen Jablensky.

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Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.

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xii, 274 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.


First edition.


Introduction: The concept of validation in psychiatry and psychology / Peter Zachar and Assen Jablensky -- Rethinking received views on the history of psychiatric nosology: minor shifts, major continuities / Massimiliano Aragona -- Reality and utility unbound: an argument for dual-track nosologic validation / Adriano C. T. Rodrigues and Claudio E. M. Banzato -- Validity, realism, and normativity / Dominic Murphy -- Natural and para-natural kinds in psychiatry / Nigel Sabbarton-Leary, Lisa Bortolotti, and Matthew R. Broome -- The background assumptions of measurement practices in psychological assessment and psychiatric diagnosis / Jared W. Keeley -- Neuroimaging in psychiatry: epistemological considerations / Ivana S. Marková and German E. Berrios -- Translational validity across neuroscience and psychiatry / Drozdstoj St. Stoyanov, Stefan J. Borgwardt, and Somogy Varga -- Psychiatry, objectivity, and realism about value / Michael Loughlin and Andrew Miles -- Scientific validity in psychiatry: necessarily a moving target? / James Phillips -- The importance of structural validity / Kathryn L. Jacobs and Robert F. Krueger -- Validation of psychiatric classifications: the psychobiological model of personality as an exemplar / C. Robert Cloninger -- Person-centered integrative diagnosis: bases, models, and guides / Juan E. Mezzich and Ihsan M. Salloum -- The four domains of mental illness (FDMI): an alternative to the DSM-5 / René J. Muller -- United in diversity: are there convergent models of psychiatric validity? / Drozdstoj St. Stoyanov and Massimiliano Aragona.

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