Genetic secrets : protecting privacy and confidentiality in the genetic era / edited by Mark A. Rothstein.

[1997], ©1997
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New Haven : Yale University Press, [1997], ©1997.

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I. Background. Genes, genomes, and society / Leroy Hood and Lee Rowen -- Genetic privacy : emerging concepts and values / Anita L. Allen -- Genetic exceptionalism and "future diaries" : is genetic information different from other medical information? / Thomas H. Murray. II. The health care setting. Genetic privacy in the patient-physician relationship / David Orentlicher -- A clinical geneticist perspective of the patient-physician relationship / Eugene Pergament -- Privacy in genetic counseling / Barbara Bowles Biesecker -- Informed consent and genetic research / Ellen Wright Clayton -- Genetic screening from a public health perspective : some lessons from the HIV experience / Scott Burris and Lawrence O. Gostin. III. The effect of new technology. Confidentiality, collective resources, and commercial genomics / Robert Mullan Cook-Deegan -- Biomarkers--scientific advances and societal implications / Paul W. Brandt-Rauf and Sherry I. Brandt-Rauf -- Environmental population screening / Jonathan M. Samet and Linda A. Bailey -- Are developments in forensic applications of DNA technology consistent with privacy protections? / Randall S. Murch and Bruce Budowle -- DNA data banks / Jean E. McEwen
IV. Nonmedical uses of genetic information. Gen-etiquette : genetic information, family relationships, and adoption / Lori B. Andrews -- The law of medical and genetic privacy in the workplace / Mark A. Rothstein -- The implications of genetic testing for health and life insurance / Nancy E. Kass -- Genetic information in schools / Laura F. Rothstein -- Courts and the challenges of adjudicating genetic testing's secrets / Franklin M. Zweig, Joseph T. Walsh, and Daniel M. Freeman. V. Ethics and law in the United States and abroad. Justice and genetics : privacy protection and the moral basis of public policy / Madison Powers -- Laws to regulate the use of genetic information / Philip R. Reilly -- European data protection law and medical privacy / Paul M. Schwartz -- International and comparative concepts of privacy / Sonia Le Bris and Bartha Maria Knoppers. VI. Recommendations. Genetic secrets : a policy framework / Mark A. Rothstein.

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