Building materials marching out of London and forming new built-up areas in the countryside. Etching by G. Cruikshank, 1829.

  • Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878.
November 1st 1829
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Scraps and sketches depicting scenes of British life.
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A man composed of builder's tools holds a notice saying: "This ground to be lett on a building lease: enquire of Mr Goth, brick maker, Bricklayers Arms, Brick Lane, Brixton." He leads developers and landlords (represented as chimneys) towards new houses of poor quality that are being built south of the river Thames, forming a road called New Street. Westminster Abbey is shown in the centre background, and St Paul's and the Monument in the left background (the orientation being in reverse to reality). On the right, a haystack being pelted with bricks says "Hey day! Come along my little cocks, we must go farther afield, for we are losing ground.", and another haystack says "Confound these hot bricks. They'll fire all my hay ricks." In the right background, the trees on Hampstead Heath say "Our fences I fear will be found to be no defence against these barbarians, who threaten to enclose & destroy us in all "manor" of ways. Detachments are on the road already." In the centre are brick-kilns and factories


[London] : Geo. Cruikshank, November 1st 1829.

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1 print (album page 10) : etching ; image 15.5 x 26.2 cm


London going out of town - or - the march of bricks & mortar. Designed etched and published by George Cruikshank


Wellcome Collection 578910i



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