Essays on neuroscience and political theory : thinking the body politic / edited by Frank Vander Valk.

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London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.

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ix, 294 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Introduction -- Part one. History and concepts: on the growing intellectual authority of neuroscience for political and moral theory / Maurizio Meloni; Neuroscience as applied hermeneutics: towards a critical neuroscience of political theory / Jan Slaby, Philipp Haueis, and Suparna Choudhury; Descartes on moral judgment and the power of the passions / Patricia Easton; unpacking emotional baggage in political inquiry / John G. Gunnell -- Part two. Neuroscience and political thinkers: brain sculpting as moral practice: a neuro-Aristotelian approach / Leslie Paul Thiele; Hobbes, prudence, and neuroscience / James Martel; think big: toward a grand neuropolitics, or, why I am not an immanent naturalist or vital materialist / Adrian Johnston; The neuropolitical habitus of resonant receptive democracy / Romand Coles -- Part three. Issues in neuroscience and political theory: does deliberation make you angry? neuroscience and theories of deliberative democracy / Marlene Sokolon; Bounded mirroring: joint action and group membership in political theory and cognitive neuroscience / Machiel Keestra; The extension of political subjectivity / Frank Vander Valk; the challenge of gender research in neuroscience / Emily Ngubia Kuria.

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