Antibiotic progress.

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A narrator describes to camera a case history; in 1942 a woman was admitted to hospital after miscarriage. Over the course of a month her condition worsened until she was administered penicillin. The narrator then runs a black and white film to illustrate the speed of progress since penicillin was discovered. There are various shots of medical research (the laboratory researchers are mostly women). Returning to the narrator; he describes how antibiotics have been classified and talks about their relative toxicity/effectiveness. This is then illustrated on tests on laboratory cats; they are given an antibiotic (not seen), secured then spun around on a laboratory stool. Their vestibular function is affected. A side effect of antibiotic use is candida (thrush) an infected vagina is shown - a different antibiotic is recommended. A naked infant is shown. A new antibiotic is described in combination with Tetracycline; Mysteclin-V. A vagina unaffected by candida is shown.


USA, c.195?

Physical description

1 videocassette (DIGIBETA) (20:46 mins) : silent, black and white, PAL
1 DVD (20:46 mins) : silent, black and white, PAL.

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This film forms part of a group of films donated to the Wellcome Trust in 2006 by The British Medical Association.

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Planned for film by Oeveste Granducci. Produced by Fordel Films Inc, New York.



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