Oversize ephemera. EPH+33.

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Includes posters, handbills and newspaper cuttings mostly about Victorian / Edwardian freak shows. People featured had extremes of obesity (the Mammoth Lady, Elizabeth Armitage, Miss Lucie the Russian Fat Girl), skin diseases (young man "covered with scales"), were siamese twins (the Two-Headed Nightingale, Millie and Christine, the African Twins), dwarves (Harvey's Midges, Admiral Tom Trump, Colonel Dietrich Ulpts, Mr. Uffner's Royal American Midgets, Minnie Warren, General Tom Thumb (watched by Queen Victoria in 1857), Japanese Tommy (a black dwarf), General Mite, Millie Edwards, Edward Nino Hernandez - Metro, September 2010), giants (Pat O'Brien the Irish Giant, German Giantess, Joseph the German Giant, Albert Brough the English Giant, Captain Ureck the Hungarian Giant, Chang the Fychow Giant, Herr Winkelmeier), phenomally strong (American Samson), had hand and foot deformities (Lobster Claw Lady, 1896), tattoos (Flo Riley), hypertrichosis (Mexican Julia Pastrana, 1862, the Russian hirsute Kostroma People, 1874).

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1 folder ; 60 cm.


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