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"The idea of queer history is looking to things in the past that disrupt heterosexual and cisgender norms, rather than objectively labelling a figure as a specific sexuality or gender. At its most basic, to queer a collection is to view it through our current understanding of LGBTQ+ lives and experience. This can be in a literal way, looking at figures who we know engaged in relationships we might view as gay or lesbian, or more abstractly - a symbol that has been adopted by LGBTQ+ individuals in the present, for example. This zine will give you an introduction to LGBTQ+ collections at Wellcome Collection, giving insight into specific objects while exploring wider threads and questions that collections raise."--From page 1.


[London] : [Rowan Frewin for Wellcome Collection], [2023]

Physical description

10 pages : colour illustrations ; 21 cm


This zine was created for and distributed at Queer and Now festival, held at Tate Britain, London, on 10 June 2023.
Title from cover.
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 9-10).



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