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Acupuncture table: 'Opening of the points', Chinese woodcut

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Credit: Acupuncture table: 'Opening of the points', Chinese woodcut. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark

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Table for determining the times of the opening of the points according to the sixty-day jia zi (root and branch) cycle, from an edition of 1601 (29th year of the Wanli reign period of the Ming dynasty. Tables of this kind enabled the practitioner to establish in advance which points were open on any given day, avoiding the necessity for ad hoc calculations which might lead to clinical errors or even to needling taboo points. N.B. Images L0037851-L0037858 show separate sections of the same table, and should be viewed together.


Picture title: Table for determining the opening of the points according to the 60 day jia zi cycle. Other lettering: Jia zi day; yi chou day; bing yin day; ding mao day; wu chen day; ji si day; geng wu day; xin wei day; ren shen day; gui you day; jia xu day; yi hai day; bing zi day; ding chou day; wu yin day; ji mao day; geng chen day; xin si day; ren wu day; gui wei day; jia shen day; yi you day; bing xu day; ding hai day; wu zi day; ji chou day; geng yin day; xin mao day; ren chen day; gui si day; jia wu day; yi wei day; bing shen day; ding you day; wu xu day; ji hai day; geng zi day; xin chou day; ren yin day; gui mao day; jia chen day; yi si day; bing wu day; ding wei day; wu shen day; ji you day; geng xu day; xin hai day; ren zi day; gui chou day; jia yin day; yi mao day; bing chen day; ding si day; wu wu day; ji wei day; geng shen day; xin you day; ren xu day; gui hai day etc.


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