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A stirring instructional film which starts with footage of herds of buffalo roaming free (footage credited courtesy of the Trexler-Lehigh County Game Preserve) to contrast with modern farming. Buffalo are believed to select the best pasture which is described by the narrator - but modern farming can't leave anything to chance; a young man who is starting livestock farming deploys modern farming methods by using enriched feed. Hormones and antibiotics (Aureomycin) are added to aid the growth of modern cattle (a selection of farming journals are spread out with all the different benefits of supplements). Each farmer is described as being a scientist and an 'interest in the critters' is also deemed important. An animation of a pig from good stock is shown which indicates the potential profit (it is briefly a piggy bank). Aureomycin; 'a golden wonder drug' was discovered by Lederle when they were researching vitamin B12; it provides a growth gain (scientists in the laboratory carry out their tests as the narrator extolls the virtues of the drug). Numerous animals are shown to be larger after being given enriched feed; chickens, calves, dogs, rabbits and mink. Experimental pigs are also larger than their litter mates. 'Almost overnight', Lederle laboratories went into production diverting capacity from human Aureomycin production to that suitable to largescale livestock feed. All the benefits are described and illustrated; the weight gain is greater for the given feed (and therefore reach maturation quicker). There is a minor caveat that the antibiotic is not a catch all, although there are advantages in treating all the animals prophylactically by adding preventative feeding by Megasul (Nitrophenide). Dead chickens are processed; a housewife selects her pre-wrapped chicken in a supermarket. It is a 'golden age' of animal livestock feeding.



Physical description

1 videocassette (20:23 min.) (DIGIBETA) : silent, black and white
1 DVD (20:23 min.) : sound, colour ; 12 cm

Copyright note

Lederle Laboratories.


This film came as part of an acquisition of material relating to Cooper McDougall & Robertson Ltd.

Creator/production credits

Lederle Laboratories Presents, Script by Oeveste Granducci, Produced by Willard Picture Inc.

Language note

In English.



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