Bio auto graphic. I, in the sky issue... / by Michael C. Nicholson.

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"This 1st volume - of what turned out to be three - put down thoughts about an outbound trip made to the United States by myself and Danish designer and book artist Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck. Drawn months after the bombings on the London Underground, the book references those events, their connection to World Policing of the period (post Twin Towers) and also the fragile, fractured state of the English national identity in the face of US 'cultural bleed' in lifestyle since my last visit in 1987. The book ends as Mette and I arrive in NYC - Big Apple Numero Uno."--From author's website.


[London] : Ensixteen editions, 2005.

Physical description

8 unnumbered pages : black and white illustrations ; 22 cm

Copyright note

Ensixteen editions.


"This is the artist & writer speaking... you will find the start of our story, and the front cover, where the back one is usually found... please move left, around the spine... read this issue in the opposite direction to normal, in order to simulate the right to left/east to west flight... duration relies on your own preferred reading speed, at an altitude of your choice... we apologize for any confusion..."--From back cover.
This zine has non-standard binding. It is saddle stitched and folds out from a right-hand spine.
Title from cover.
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