Feeling iffy : a zine for chronically ill babes / Club Foof.

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"This zine looks at hidden, misinterpreted and misunderstood illnesses. Often these conditions can leave people feeling lonely and isolated. Dealing with these feelings can make a sufferer of whatever illness feel like they are the only one going through this, while everyone else is living their best lives. We want the zine to help people understand that even if your illness limits what you are able to do for months/years/lifetimes you are still valid. Your own scale of what is an achievement is all that matters. [...] Throughout this zine, we want to remind readers that cuts to NHS funding by the Tories put all of us at risk and directly reduce the quality of life people suffering from chronic illnesses. Our bodies should not be put in danger and free access to healthcare is a human right. The NHS is a lifeline for so many people, and cutting this is fatal. Save the NHS."--Page 3.


[United Kingdom] : Club Foof, [2020?]

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45 pages : colour illustrations ; 21 cm


Title from cover.
"Foof was started to fill in the gaps that the sex education we received at school left. We wanted to create a space where people could have sex-positive discussions, which has evolved into our focus on helath, be it sexual, mental, or physical health. Foof helps us to understand and love ourselves and each other."--Page 3.
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Poem / Mary Scott -- Self care. More than just a facemask / Hope Frost -- Living with invisible illness / Savannah Mercer -- Living with POTS / Em Rowland -- Eczema / Hope Frost -- Gut Instinct talks to Foof / Loïs Mills and Hope Frost -- Poem / Mary Scott -- Why I'm no longer ashamed of my mental illness / Sara Radin -- Interstitial cystitis -- HSV and me / Grace Blackman -- List of contributors.



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