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From 24 March 2015 a new commission by author and director Neil Bartlett enters the Institute of Sexology.

Inviting you to join the hundreds of thousands of anonymous participants whose personal accounts have underpinned the study of sex, this new collaborative work interrogates the idea of the sex survey by asking you to take on the role of both sexologist and respondent.

Every week, visitors will be invited to respond to a series of challenging and sometimes unexpected questions about sex. Their anonymous contributions – and the confessions, anxieties and appeals they disclose – will be put on display in the exhibition. Over the 25 weeks of its life, the work will evolve to gradually reveal a frank picture of the exhibition’s true subject - you.

About the artist

Neil Bartlett is theatre director and author. His fourth novel, The Disappearance Boy, earned him a nomination as Stonewall Author of the Year in 2014. Also in 2014 he created (in collaboration with novelist Kate Pullinger) Letter to an Unknown Soldier, an online artwork which involved twenty-two thousand members of the public in creating a new online war memorial.

You can find out more about Neil Bartlett and both his past and recent work on his website.

Part of The Institute of Sexology


blog post

Read more about the commission, how visitors can contribute and what an experience it has been working on the project.