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Talk About Sex podcasts

Several Sexology Season events in Brighton and Manchester between February and March 2015 included audience discussions and debates. We have captured some of the most interesting audio content to share more widely in Talk About Sex, our informative and provocative series of podcasts.

Contributions came from sexual health professionals, researchers, artists, psychologists, sex workers, sex therapists and interesting questions and observations from audiences.

Why be normal?

Why do we have to conform to long established cultural models, in particular with regard to our sexual preferences?

Sexual Transactions

Why does consenting, transactional sex between adults still have the power to provoke such hostility?

Frocks and Sex

Hear about the relationship between sexuality and sensuality in fashion.

Sex and the stereotype

How do sexual stereotypes affect how society views women – and how women view themselves?

The science behind sex

Sexuality, sociology, politics, biology and the evolution of procreation and pleasure, it’s all being talked about here.

The DIVA Debate

An arousing debate discussing lesbian and bi-sexual sex, feminism and desire.

Carry On Collecting

Stephen Terence Welsh talks about the historical ethnocentricity of museum displays and interpretation.

In front of the children: Brighton

Writers with wide-ranging interests in sex and sexuality in full and frank discussion about the access young people have to pornography.


This discussion explores porn addiction and related issues.

So You Can Feel

Exploring new models of masculine heterosexuality that looks forward to the coming of age of a man and his body.