RawMinds Public Speaking and Presentation Project

At Wellcome Collection’s Youth Programme, we have six places available on our RawMinds Public Speaking and Presentation Project. We’re looking for young people in Year 10 or above, who know Wellcome Collection well, and who are confident public speakers or looking to build their presentation skills.

What we need

We have consulted with lots of young people to find out the best way to promote our events and projects to them. One of the strongest options is talking directly to them at school assemblies or to other youth gatherings. And we think the best advocates for our work are the young people who have been involved in activity here.

We want to give you some training - and a reward - if you’re happy to help us get the word out.

What you’ll be doing

This short, two-day project will train you in public-speaking skills and then provide planning activities so that you will have an engaging, polished presentation. We would like you to deliver three presentations in the summer term of this year, to help us recruit for our Saturday Studio events and RawMinds projects. At least one presentation will be at your own school, and others may be at neighbouring schools or youth organisation. You might also do one of your presentations at Wellcome, to show our colleagues what we’re up to.

You’ll need to enlist the support of a teacher at your school. They will have to approve your absence during the neighbouring school assembly, and help you organise the assembly at your school. The Youth Programmes team at Wellcome Collection will be very happy to liaise directly with this teacher, and we’ll provide you with an introductory letter to help with this.

Where possible, a member of our team will attend presentations for assistance.

What you’ll get out of it

We hope that the training will build your skills and confidence and be lots of fun. And, because the assemblies will help us recruit young people for our activities, we will thank you with the following rewards:

  • £20 vouchers (Amazon or similar) general fee to cover planning time
  • £10 vouchers per assembly at your own school
  • £20 vouchers per assembly at a neighbouring school
  • £20 vouchers per presentation at a youth organisation
  • £6 Wellcome café vouchers per Wellcome presentation

This means that your three presentations could earn you up to £70.

Who we need

To apply, you should:

  • be in Year 10 or above
  • be available for the two training dates: 27 and 30 May 2017
  • have participated in previous RawMinds projects or attended at least two Saturday Studios at Wellcome Collection
  • be confident at public speaking or have a strong desire to build your public-speaking skills

How to apply

Please fill in the application form below, which will ask you to commit to the two training dates, inform your supporting teacher and complete a short application task. As there are only six places available, you will need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to this project, and check the selection criteria to see if you are eligible to apply.

PDF iconApplication form (101 KB)

Application closes on Wednesday 17 May 2017

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