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London Sounds

The Youth Programme together with sex researchers and London’s Roundhouse teamed up for The Songwriting Experiment, a project for people aged 16–19 that combines sex research with songwriting.

As part of the project, young researchers conducted their own research on attituted to sex drive and control in sexual relationships via an anonymous online survey which was completed by over 400 people. The responses were analysed by the group who then formed conclusions that inspired the songwriting process.

Two of the songs inspired by this research were available to listen to in the Institute of Sexology exhibition. Hear all the songs written and performed by the group below.

Part of Sounds of Sexology



This song explores the tension between our emotional and our animal needs. Inspired by the exhibition.

Hail Marie

Inspired by a fan letter to Marie Stopes that said ‘Hail Marie, Saviour of the human Race’. Inspired by the exhibition.

It's Just Sex

The ubiquity of interest in sex throughout many cultures and throughout time. Inspired by the exhibition.


Freud used porcupines as an analogy to describe the inherent tension in relationships. Inspired by the exhibition.


Emotional response to subject matter.


Emotional response to subject matter.


This song explores the importance of sex drive and control in relationships. Inspired by research process.

Questions and Answers

This song explores the experimental methodology and the importance of anonymity. Inspired by research process.

Audible Graph

The group decided to use the idea of charts and graphs make the results audible through song. Inspired by research process.

We're All The Same

The questionnaire found that male and female participants agreed equally on many attitudes. Inspired by research process.