Bloomsbury Festival

Animation workshop


Throughout August 2016, Wellcome Collection’s Youth Programme worked with young people from Kings Cross-Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCBNA) and animator Dan Brown (MASH Cinema) on a series of three creative summer workshops.

This collaboration was part of our programme for Bloomsbury Festival 2016, a yearly celebration of community and cultural cooperation. The theme of 2016’s festival was Language, and we decided to interpret this by exploring body language and looking at how our bodies can speak and be read.

The first session introduced the Youth Forum to the theme of body language through images from our archives and storytelling through creative writing, as well as generally encouraged the group to bond and work together. The day ended with a tour of Wellcome Collection’s permanent galleries. The second session introduced the group to three techniques of animation: rotoscoping, pixelation and using 3-D objects. The final session saw the young people finalise their storyboards and materials and execute their animations.

The creative output of these sessions were showcased as part of Speaking with Your Body, a programme of events that took place at Wellcome Collection during the Bloomsbury Festival weekend (22nd-23rd October 2016).