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More to explore

If you enjoyed Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?, we have lots more for you to explore on graphic design in our Reading Room and Library, and online. Here are just a few examples...


Many of the Library’s holdings are digitised and freely available online, including our collection of 3,000 AIDS public health posters, which spans 99 countries and 94 languages. 

For over 150 years, Chemist and Druggist has been the UK’s leading trade journal for pharmacists. We’ve digitised the complete run and put it online. It holds a wealth of information on the history of pharmacy, social history, graphic design, and more. 

In the Reading Room (level 2)

The Reading Room is an innovative hybrid of gallery, library and events space, designed to encourage you to indulge your curiosity and explore more than ever before.

Here you can view adverts from the shack of a voudun practitioner created in the 1990s, showcards for beauty creams from the 1930s, advertising for Hall’s Coca Wine, and even Bovril promotional parrots. Take a look at the Travel, Food, and Body sections for a fantastic range of graphics. 

In Wellcome Library (entrance on level 2)

The Library has a huge range of illustrated materials on public health campaigns, such as the WHO’s Public Health Campaigns: Getting the message across (JO.AL). Our archives contain great graphic design, including those from Drugscope, the Family Planning Association and the Wellcome Foundation.

We also have a huge ephemera collection with campaign literature, early health proclamations, modern health information leaflets, patient support advice, advertising, labels and packaging. Just ask staff if you need any help finding materials.