Activities and Contributors

This event was conceived and curated by MAS Productions.

  • Tabloid with Moss Beynon Juckes

  • Roaming Researchers: Simon Watt, Mahtab Farahbakhsh, Pete Jones, Hugo Chow-Wing-Bom, Francesca Puledda, Rachel Williams, David Luke, Carles Bosch, Mandy Ho, Danbee Kim, Alessandro Galloni and Alexandra Smith

  • Haitian Vodou Ritual Dance Workshop with Zsuzsa Parrag and Randy Lester

  • Are our Brains Broken? Cognitive bias and the neurodiverse spectrum with Edward Bracey

  • Illuminating Visions with Rachel Williams

  • The Politics of Perception: winning the battle in a post-truth society with Matthew d’Ancona

  • BSL Interpreters: Sula Gleeson and Michelle Wood

  • Reverse Your Taste with Jonathan Grieve, Ignacio Jarquin, Michael Blundell-Lithco, Benjamin Ecclestone, Jasmine Newsome-Stone and Rosaleen Burton

  • Enter the Floral Brain with Jennifer White and Sam Hacking

  • Visual Disturbance with Francesca Puledda, Lucy F Thane and Elinor Lewis

  • 20 Minutes of Action with Nwando Ebizie, Chris King, Tom Richards, Moss Beynon Juckes, Anya Dewar and Jonathan Grieve

  • Brain Tingles: Touch, sound and personal attention with Fabiola Santana, Lizzie Masterton, Antigoni Spanou, Madinah Thompson, Jayne Cavendish, Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson and Simone Saunders

Part of Friday Late Spectacular: Your Reality is Broken