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Activities and Contributors

This event was conceived and curated by One Tenth Human, led by Artistic Director Sarah Punshon

  • Chaps Choir
  • Capital Chorus
  • Fragile Masculinity: A Long Table with Lois Weaver, Wellcome Engagement Fellow, Brendan Gough from Leeds Beckett University, Jess Day from Let Toys Be Toys and Nando Messias
  • Shoot the Sissy, Film - A collaboration between Nando Messias and Sam Williams based on Messias' live performance of the same title
  • Real Men Used to Cry with Ali Haggett from the University of Exeter
  • “She Pushes My Buttons” with Liz Ostrowski, Bhupinder Virdee, Martin Okoli, Kelly Owen – Domestic Violence Intervention Project
  • Inside the Minds of 13-year-old Boys with Ben Hurst, GREAT Men Initiative
  • Reimagining the Man Cave with Yaseen Amaan Yousaf, Joseph Delaney, Gift Ajimokun, Arabella Lack, Cherelle Malongo, Maccabi Vitalis, Clara Jean Margaret Bach, Daniel Harvey Frederick Johannsen, Jessye Clarke – RawMinds, John Hunter, Cat Harrison – non zero one and Clare Carlin, Salma Begum – Wellcome Collection Youth Programme
  • BROMANCE, A Rolling Cabaret curated by Milk Presents with LoUis CYferFreddie Pluto, Phoenix, Rachael Young & Dwayne Anthony, Nando Messias, Zack the Lad, Jack Strap, and The Great White Males, Photography: Holly Revell, Thank you to Al Orange (contribution to videos), Anna Schneider and Vivien Glaskin
  • The Empire Needs Men! with Raju Rage and Noa Carvaja
  • The Testosterone Games created by One Tenth Human collaborating with Michael Naef from Royal Holloway, University of London, Shawn Geniole from the University of Vienna, games designer Mink Ette, theatre maker Bob Karper and performers Frank Wurzinger, Lorna Rees and Paula Varjack
  • Macho Walking with Liam Satchell from the University of Portsmouth, Keamogetse Letsatle from the University of Portsmouth, Joshua Roberts from the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oliver Waddup from the London Business School

Part of Friday Late Spectacular: Macho?